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Liquidity Staking Instruction


TFS Token and Tether staked within such a program will be used to increase liquidity in the TFS-USDT pool on PancakeSwap. This will help improve the liquidity of TFS, positively influence its price, and, as a result, strengthen its position in the market.

⚠️ To use Liquidity Staking, you must have USDT on your casino balance and TFS Token on your TFS widget.


Example: if you enter 5,000 in the “You want to stake” field, you must have an amount equivalent to 23.03 USD (at the current exchange rate at the time of staking) on your casino balance for the stake to be accepted by the system and activated.


Once your staking is active, you will receive a notification that your application has been accepted for processing, and within two minutes, your stake will appear in the “My TFS on Holding” section. On average, this process takes 20–30 seconds.

Remember to refresh the page to see your stake.


The Liquidity Staking option is available on the staking programs page on the Fairspin website.

Unlike existing programs, liquidity staking is permanent. It means that if a user selects this option, staking will continue until they deactivate it.

At the same time, the reward from liquidity staking can be withdrawn at any time. There is no minimum staking time required to withdraw profits, and there are no limits on the number of withdrawal requests.

What does Liquidity Staking look like on the widget?

Below is a screenshot of the active staking. Two active buttons are available – "Harvest" and "Unhold Liquidity". The profit available for withdrawal is displayed in the “Current TFS Reward” block. By clicking the “Harvest” button, you can withdraw the reward to your widget balance.

The stake value is shown in the so-called LP tokens (liquidity pool tokens). This is a stock value indicating the amount of liquidity provided to the pool. The equivalent value of LP tokens in TFS and USDT is displayed below.


⚠️ The “Harvest” button can be clicked any number of times a day. The history of rewards within Liquidity Staking is available in the “Analytics” section inside the “Hold to Earn History” block.


The pop-up during the reward looks like this:


How is the reward calculated?

The reward amount depends on the Fairspin casino’s GGR, the number of tokens in the pool, and the user’s multiplier.

⚠️ The multiplier, in turn, depends on the staking period.

Calculation formula:

  • from 0 to 7 daysx0.3 multiplier (user gets 30% of their reward)
  • from 7 to 30 days - x0.6 multiplier (user gets 60%)
  • 30 to ∞ days - x1 multiplier (user gets 100%)

As a result, the reward will be equal to 0.5% of Fairspin casino’s GGR multiplied by the user’s share in the pool and the time multiplier.

The progress bar increases as the liquidity staking lasts.


Staking deactivation and liquidity withdrawal

A request to deactivate Liquidity Staking may be made at any time. You can request a withdrawal of the entire amount or part of it. Tokens will be immediately sent to your balance.

If you make a request to withdraw some of the tokens, the reward multiplier for the ones remaining staked will be at the same level.


⚠️ IMPORTANT! The cost of LP tokens depends on the token price on the exchange. It means that in case of a strong rate decline, the user may get less USDT than they originally staked. Therefore, due to the exchange rate factor, the decision to stake is at your own risk. Similarly, if the price of an asset rises after staking, you will receive more USDT than you originally invested.

Check out the “Transaction History” section for the entire history of withdrawals from the casino balance to activate Liquidity Staking, and their return to the balance during the liquidity withdrawal. To do this, first go to the “Account” tab at the bottom of the widget page and then click on “Financial Transactions”.