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Fairspin Launches Partnership with BrasilCasinos.com.br


BrasilCasinos is one of the largest sites specializing in online games today. In addition to finding complete reviews, those who access the platform can benefit from partnerships with the best online casinos.

This week, the site announced its newest partnership with us at Fairspin online casino. With this, BrasilCasinos starts analyzing the service provided by Fairspin and offering advantages in the form of bonuses to its readers.

In other words, anyone who accesses the Fairspin casino through BrasilCasinos, whether by reading a review or by the list of the best casinos today, will be able to get exclusive bonuses within the platform.

According to Rui Fernando Castro, co-founder of BrasilCasinos, the partnership follows the well-known quality standard of the site, which only offers options from reliable gaming sites. This action will benefit the gambler without any doubt.

Fairspin's news in the Brazilian market

In an environment designed for a good gaming experience, Fairspin presents a complete catalogue of slots, roulette, card games, video poker and lottery, with some options in live mode.

The main feature of Fairspin is the possibility of using cryptocurrencies in the games. Digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and MNP are accepted by the platform and considered a type of blockchain.

But if you don't play with cryptocurrencies, don't worry! Fairspin also operates by credit card, an excellent opportunity to turn your profits into a currency that has seen 15-30% growth, even during the crisis.

A partnership that benefits bettors

The partnership signed between Fairspin and the BrasilCasinos platform mainly benefits gamblers.

To maintain a partnership with BrasilCasinos, the bookmaker undergoes constant evaluations so that the team of experts can assure users that it is a reliable gaming site.

In addition, thanks to the partnership between Fairspin and BrasilCasinos, readers can use specific bonuses more easily. Thus, Brazilians can register on the site, taking advantage of the benefits that BrasilCasinos offers.

The gaming market in Brazil and worldwide

Research shows that the gaming industry grew considerably during the pandemic. This indicates that more and more people are dedicating minutes of the day to this activity. Those interested in online games are no exception – whether in Brazil or worldwide.

Online casinos do not qualify for this study, as they are considered games of chance. Because of this "exclusion", the estimated number of players (in Brazil alone indicates half of the population) must be much higher.

This number tends to grow, especially when companies in the sector form partnerships, such as the novelty of BrasilCasinos with Fairspin. Whoever bets is grateful for this kind of news!