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All You Need to Know About the Hold To Earn Program


Last year, we launched two associated loyalty programs Play To Earn and Hold To Earn. Within the first one, you can receive TFS tokens as a rakeback; using the second one, you can increase them thanks to the holding without any risks.

Below we will go into more details about the Hold To Earn program and explain how to get the most benefit from its use.

What is the point of the Hold To Earn program?

Once you receive TFS within Play To Earn or purchase them, you will be able to hold tokens for a specified period on the Fairspin website. For doing this, you will receive pleasant rewards – additional TFS tokens.

The size of the reward depends on three factors. The first one is a period you will choose for holding tokens. The longer tokens will be held, the bigger your reward will be.

The second one is the Fairspin casino income for the chosen period of token holding. As this indicator grows, your reward will also increase.

The number of users who are simultaneously holding TFS tokens with you is also taken into account. The fewer such users there are, the more tokens you will receive in the end.

How to start holding TFS tokens?

Check if you have TFS tokens on your balance. You could get them as cashback within the Play To Earn program. If there are no tokens on the balance, then it is time to fix it!

To get started, go to the TFS page and follow these simple steps:

  1. Exchange the currency of your account to TFS tokens (and do not forget to make a deposit to the Fairspin platform before that).





Or buy TFS tokens with cryptocurrency.



  1. Now let’s focus on the Hold To Earn program. First, choose the number of tokens you want to hold. The minimum number of tokens to hold is 1 TFS. You can also select the option “Max” – this way, you will hold all the tokens that are on your balance.


  1. Decide on the period for which you want to hold tokens. You can choose among three options: 8 hours, 1 day or 3 days.


Your choice influences the size of the pool from which you will receive your reward.


  1. Having finally decided on the period for holding tokens, press the Hold button.



  1. To find out information about the held TFS tokens and check how much you have already earned, go to the My TFS on Holding tab. Pay attention that the “Gain” meter depends on the income of the Fairspin casino at the moment of your holding. It might be at zero if the casino loses money due to some players’ large winnings.


  1. As soon as the holding period is over, you will be credited with your initial tokens, as well as tokens earned within the Hold To Earn program. What is important, your holding history is available on the TFS page, so you will always be aware of the received rewards.


As already mentioned, the size of your reward will vary constantly. But the most important thing is that you will never lose tokens. Even if the casino balance is negative during the period of holding, you will fully return your initial tokens. And in most cases, you will receive additional TFS tokens as a reward for holding.

What to do next with TFS tokens?

The first option is to withdraw the tokens to the Fairspin gaming account. In this case, TFS will be converted to the main account currency.





At the same time, as you play further at Fairspin, you will receive instant tokenized rakeback. You can learn more about this in the Play To Earn guide.

The second option is to withdraw tokens for trading on the exchange.



To find out where you can trade TFS, read our article on this subject.