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How to Play Plinko Online


Casino games with simplistic rules and visuals may be very enthralling. An excellent example of this is the Plinko slot machine by Spribe.

This slot originated from the Plinko game played at the American TV show The Price Is Right. And now you can enjoy this popular entertainment without leaving your home.

Plinko slot gameplay

Launching the game, you will see a board of pins of triangular shape. As soon as you place a bet, a disc appears at the top of the board and starts to go down. Then the disc hits pins, which affects the direction of its movement, and in the end, lands on one of the related color boxes below the board.


On each of the boxes, there is a certain coefficient. Your winnings are determined by multiplying your bet by the coefficient of the box that the disc lands on.

Choosing the game mode

First, you need to choose between the manual and auto game modes.


Their main difference is the pace of the game. In the auto mode, the game is very dynamic as many discs appear at once in a short time.


In manual mode, you control the process and determine when the next disk appears.

Deciding on the bet amount


The next step is to decide how much you are going to bet. You just need to remember that there are certain limits in the game. You cannot bet less than $0.10 and more than $100.

Setting the number of pins

The game board can feature 12, 14, or 16 pins. And you choose their number on your own.

If you set the smaller number of pins, you will probably win more often. But if your goal is to get the biggest winning in the game, select the board with the higher number of pins. The maximum multiplier in the game is x555, and it is available only when playing with 16 pins.

Selecting the disc color


As already mentioned, discs in the game land on related color boxes. Thus, the selection of the disc color influences the range of your possible multipliers.

The most secure option is the green color as only in one case you will win less than you bet. In others, you will either get your bet back or increase it.

Yellow and red colors are riskier options. But at the same time, boxes of such colors offer significantly bigger multipliers.

There is also a random option in the auto mode. In this case, discs of randomly chosen colors will appear and go down the board.


Why the game is so popular now

Many casino players have been fascinated with the Plinko game. And there are four main reasons for this.

First, you do not need to learn a lot of complicated rules to start playing Plinko. After launching the game, you can click on the How to play button and find out the essence of the game. And then go straight to practice.


Also, you can achieve success in Plinko even without a lot of gaming experience and special skills. Much depends on luck, but at the same time, you can change some game parameters, which may influence the result of the game.

Another advantage of the game is the fast results. The disc goes down quite quickly, and you can immediately find out your winnings. Thus, this is an excellent option if you don't have a lot of time for playing.

The last reason is the incredible popularity of the real Plinko game, which became the prototype of this casino entertainment. But now you don't have to be on the show The Price Is Right to play Plinko. Instead, you can test your luck simply by going to the Fairspin website and clicking on the name of the game.

Why play Plinko at Fairspin

No matter how simple the rules of the game are, everything needs to be tested in practice. And at Fairspin, you can do this for free in the demo mode. This will allow you to get to know the Plinko game better and check if it is really interesting for you with no risk. Then, as soon as you gain enough experience and confidence, switch to the real-money mode and try to win generous rewards.