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How to Earn TFS Tokens with the Play To Earn Program


Thanks to the new tokenized loyalty programs at Fairspin, you can get even more benefits from an exciting game. You can multiply the available TFS tokens with the Hold To Earn program with no risk.

And if you do not have tokens yet, you can instantly receive them as a rakeback for making bets in games. Below we will describe in more detail how this works.

What is the essence of the Play To Earn program?

Most fans of online gambling are perfectly aware of cashback, a traditional casino promotion. It allows getting a certain percentage of lost funds. But the main disadvantage of such a promotion is the time frame for cashback crediting. As a rule, you need to wait until the end of the week or even the month to receive the promised reward. Moreover, such cashback can be credited only if the bet did not win.

In contrast, within our exclusive Play To Earn program, you will receive your rakeback always and instantly.

It works like this:

  1. You choose a game to launch.
  2. Place a bet in the game and immediately get rakeback in TFS tokens for doing this. And it does not matter if it is a winning bet or not.
  3. You can continue to make bets in the game to get even more rakeback.

Where can I find more information about Play To Earn?

On the TFS page, you will find detailed information about the token, as well as the Hold To Earn and Play To Earn programs.
It is here that you can see how many TFS tokens you currently have on your balance and how much you have earned thanks to the Play To Earn program.


You can also view your previous bets and find out what rewards you received for them.


Remember also that the amount of rakeback you get depends on the type of game you choose.



But that is not all. You also have the opportunity to find out in which games Fairspin users received the biggest rakeback.


What to do with earned TFS?

If you want to multiply the reward, hold your tokens on the TFS page. At the end of the chosen holding period, you will get your tokens back and, in most cases, you will also receive additional TFS. Learn more about the program in our Hold To Earn guide.

You can also withdraw tokens to your Fairspin account and continue to enjoy the game.




Another option is to send tokens to a crypto wallet. We already talked about where you can trade tokens in the article on the TFS listing.



The Play To Earn program opens up unbelievable possibilities. Don't waste your time, join right now!