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TFS token is Now Listed!


We launched the TFS token in August 2021 and became the first casino that shares its income with players. We held Private Sale, Public Sale rounds (IDO including), and now, TFS entered the crypto market. So why are the TFS token and its listing gainful for the Fairspin players? Keep reading the article to find the answer.

What you should know about the TFS token

Thanks to this technology, our users can check their gaming activities (deposits, betting results) in Blockchain explorer and casino stats on the TFS token page. In addition, blockchain brought our cooperation with game providers and partners to the next level. Thus, we do not just promise but work honestly, and it is confirmed.

We then launched the TFS token and two unique loyalty programs Play To Earn and Hold To Earn.

TFS is an ERC20 token released on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy tokens, get them as a guaranteed cashback for gaming, and multiply your token balance using holding.

What to do with the received tokens:

  • withdraw the received TFS to the Fairspin balance;
  • send tokens to a crypto wallet;
  • hold to multiply TFS tokens.

The Play To Earn program

The idea of Play To Earn is that players get tokenized cashback for every bet at Fairspin. The amount of the reward depends on the bet size and the category of the game. For example, the highest cashback you can receive in slots.

Unlike regular online casinos, where cashback is charged once a week/month, tokenized cashback is credited automatically, immediately after the bet at Fairspin.

Thanks to Play To Earn program the Fairspin players have already received 29 287 214 TFS !

The Hold To Earn program

Fairspin is the first casino where players can get a part of the platform’s income. It became possible thanks to the Hold To Earn program.

The following factors influence your reward:

  • time, selected for holding (8 hours, one or three days),
  • number of holders at the moment of your holding,
  • number of tokens you have put to the holding,
  • the Fairspin income during your holding.

It is important to remember that only registered Fairspin users can join the Hold To Earn program.

The Hold To Earn program has already brought $669 469 to the TFS owners!

You can find more information about the TFS token and its loyalty programs on the TFS page.

The TFS token listing

In December 2021, after all the sales rounds, the TFS token reached the top decentralized exchanges PancakeSwap and Uniswap. We are proud that all the token sale stages were successful, and we'll keep moving forward.

What benefits the Fairspin players got after listing:

  • The TFS token became a fully valid cryptocurrency that is available on DEX.
  • Fairspin players can earn TFS in the Play To Learn and Hold To Earn programs and then operate tokens in the crypto market.

Announcement for Fairspin players! Get ready ‘cause we are preparing even more cool news for you in 2022.

Summing up

TFS token has already given lots of benefits to Fairspin players, and that's just the beginning. We sincerely believe that blockchain technology will positively change the gambling industry, and we are proud to be pioneers.

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