Roulette wheel online — evaluate the best online roulette games now

Online roulette is considered the queen of casino gambling. It takes an honorable place among the entertainment, attracting the attention of most visitors of the virtual room. This is due to the quality of performance, the realism of the gameplay, and the simplicity of the rules. You can break a big score here. But you have to take a chance, choose one of the varieties of the game and make a bet.

The history of online roulette

The Wheel of Fortune was the predecessor of the roulette wheel online. There are several versions of its origin. Among them there are:

  • The game appeared in China. It quickly spread among the monks who needed to spend their evenings. It was borrowed by the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic, after which the wheel of fortune gradually spread around the world.
  • The game became a source of leisure for Roman legionnaires. They used the rim of a chariot to amuse themselves between battles.
  • The roulette was invented by French scientist Blaise Pascal. The event dates back to 1655. At that time, the scientist was working on the creation of a perpetual motion machine.

If we touch the mystical component, the representatives of the Church of the past era considered roulette to be the devil's spawn. This is due to the fact that the sum of all the numbers displayed on the segments is 666.

The roulette wheel online

Before you play roulette online, familiarize yourself with the basic parameters. This will allow you to come close to winning with minimal losses. Roulette wheel is a wheel divided into segments. Depending on the version, there are 37 or 38 sectors. One or two of the cells are green, 18 are red and 18 are black. The colors are alternated in a special way, not in a random order. Their location depends on the type of wheel of fortune.

There is also a betting field in the game. It is numbered from 0 to 36 (in some versions from 00 to 36). All numbers are grouped in three rows.

The playing field can be inside or outside. The first is for betting on specific numbers or a group of numbers. The second is used to select even/odd, red/black. By analogy, bets are divided into inside and outside.

Online casino roulette: the principles of the game of chance

A virtual dealer becomes your opponent in the game. The task is to try to guess the number, a group of numbers or color of the segment on which the ball stops after the spin of the wheel. As soon as the bets are made, the roulette wheel is launched. The round is considered completed when the wheel stops. At this point, the ball will occupy one of the cells. Thanks to the use of a special device, it is automatically calculated whether you have won or not. In the first case, the winnings are credited immediately in accordance with the current odds.

Types of online roulette for money

When choosing online roulette, take into account that the casino offers several types of the game. They differ in their rules, the presence of additional options. This allows you to diversify your leisure and regularly fill your everyday life with vivid emotions. The main thing is to know all the nuances of gambling "battle".

European version

The European roulette game online is considered one of the favorite versions of gamers. The reason for its popularity among visitors of the casino is the presence of a single sector "zero". In this case, the advantage of the gambling club is only 2.7%. The figure is much lower when compared to the American variation.

The game offers 10 types of bets, and each of them has its own coefficient. The probability of winning is close to 50%. If the ball falls on the segment "zero", then the casino receives the income.

American version

It is possible to play roulette online for real money by choosing an American version. Its fundamental difference from the European version is the presence of "double zero". Back in the 19th century the Americans decided to increase the casino's advantage by adding an extra segment. But you have all chances to hit the jackpot if you use a proven strategy.

French version

Among the best online roulette games we can distinguish the French version. It is considered the basis for all modern games, where the wheel of fortune is involved. The French version is similar to the European. But there are differences. For example, the wheel is placed in the center of the table, while in other versions - closer to the edge.

Moreover, you have two additional items in the rules. They are called "En Prison" and "La Partage". These options allow you to save money.

If the zero sector falls when playing for equal odds, the "En Prison" rule applies. The user does not lose immediately. His bet is in "prison" until the next turn. If " zero" falls out again at the next spin, the casino gets the money. If the gambler wins, he returns the original bet.

The rule of "La Partage" operates quite a bit differently. The bet is also put in "prison". But the player has the right to take back half of his investment on the spin or take the risk and continue spinning the wheel.

Due to the presence of the above rules, the French version of the game is the most profitable for users. The casino's advantage is only 1.35%.

Roulette developers at Fairspin

When choosing the best online roulette at Fairspin, familiarize yourself with all the offers. This portal contains games from the leading providers. They are distinguished by pleasant design, ease of perception, and the realism of the process.

You can choose games from the following developers:

  • Evoplay (French Roulette Classic, European Roulette);
  • Spinomenal (European Roulette VIP);
  • iSoftBet (Gem Roulette);
  • BetSoft (Zoom Roulette).

Each version attracts attention with its modern design and nice soundtrack. In some varieties there are additional rules. This allows you to play online roulette for money with maximum profit.

Modes of the game in a virtual club

Activate the best roulette online, enjoying one of the proposed modes. You can play for free or bet for real money. It all depends on experience, thirst for excitement and personal preferences.

Free mode is an ideal chance to learn all the rules and parameters without risking your own money. The fact that the virtual credits from the casino are used for betting. They are built into the slot machine, you can see their number at the start of the game.

The demo version is optimal if you have no experience. If you need to try your luck and form a strategy, then place your bets for free. Do not worry about the probable loss. Virtual credits can always be obtained by refreshing the browser page. The only disadvantage is that you can not withdraw the money earned during the game. They remain in the casino fund. But that's right: without investing anything, it's hard to get millions.

The paid mode is no less interesting. But when you choose it, the game is accompanied by risk. To begin with, you need to register in the casino and replenish your account. As soon as the money enters the balance, you can move on to the real bets. If you are not confident in your abilities, start with a minimum investment. Increase the amount of investment, if the game is accompanied by success. All payments received in the virtual room are available for withdrawal to the payment service. For example, to a cryptocurrency wallet or online systems.

Assess all the pros and cons of roulette. Spin the virtual wheel and try to obtain the grand prize. Believe in success, and the reward will not keep you waiting.