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Lightning Blackjack
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All about Lightning Blackjack

Evolution has been vigorously instructing multipliers to their most popular casino tables. Now it's ultimately blackjack's turn! We all knew this would happen someday, but we were interested in how the creator would handle it. Now that it's finally prepared, how will it look compared to your classic blackjack? Will it be fun to play? We'll show you a short in our Lightning Blackjack review: it's fun to play.

How to play Lightning Blackjack

Each round begins with putting stakes. Select the quantity of cash you desire to play, operating the available coins. Nevertheless, remember that 100% lightning-fast commission involves to all bets. You must think this when setting your bet and playing later; otherwise, your funding will dry up fast. You must put all bets before the time runs out.

After the timer passes, the cards will be sold to the table. Here the game rounds move generally. Participants may bat, stand, double down, or split the hands hanging on the occasion. You can catch your 2 cards and the sellers up card. The dealer will take extra cards if you split or double the bet.

After you finish your turn, the dealer will offer his 2 card. They will also take more cards if required.

Additional features

Where do multipliers come? You earn a multiplier by winning a round. Relying on your card amount, you will get an extra multiplier when you win. All multiplier deals ​​are randomly developed, ranging from 2x to 25x. Nevertheless, bigger blackjack wins will still have better multipliers. You get various multipliers for 17 and under, 18, 19, 20, 21, and blackjack.

You even don't get a multiplier right after you win. Rather, the slot machine holds and then has the multiplier to the next round. The multiplier only protects the amount. If you raise your bet on the next round, you will obtain the regular blackjack overtime payout. The saved multiplier is then used to your next win. If a push or insurance, your major bet is returned to you.


Lightning Blackjack permits doubling and splitting. Nevertheless, multipliers can raise the payout in the following game round. Please note that multipliers can only multiply revenue by the amount of commission in the earlier game round. This indicates that only the bet up to doubling can be multiplied. If you succeed and break both hands, just one is multiplied. Remember that Blackjack Lightning does not permit doubling up after a split, and even record that you may just split 1 time per hand.

As a rule, lightning blackjack works as a 21 draw option when all players have the same hand. But each participant creates his own conclusions. If you prefer not to bat, the dealer will resume drawing until 21. After that, new cards will only use to players who prefer to bat. This suggests that there will always be an infinite number of positions known.

Lightning Blackjack Game Odds

Lightning Blackjack online slot has standard payouts:

The Evolution release provides 1:1 prizes for regular payouts.

  • If you win in blackjack, the payout will be 3:2.
  • If you accurately predict that the dealer has an insurance bet blackjack, you get a 2:1 reward.
  • Multipliers can be used to the traditional payout and blackjack win.
  • If you hit the highest potential multiplier, your greatest reward will be 36.5:1.

Jackpot Win

There is no possibility of hitting the jackpot.

Best Strategy

Regardless of how the player bets, the best strategy is the same as in standard blackjack. This can assist you in maximizing your odds of winning or at least getting to the RTP of the board game. We recommend you to operate the basic blackjack strategy. Various online casinos have a fundamental strategy guide, so if you're strange with it, think about checking it out.

If you raise your stake for a particular game round, the lightning price for that round will improve. The payout is the amount of the lightning commission from the last round, which means that raising your stake won't bring you much of a win. Also, if you decrease the bets, you will forfeit the multiplier's full significance; therefore, this is not the right approach either.

Lightning Blackjack Overview Benefits

Have you ever desired to maintain the core blackjack gameplay while winning more? Then Lightning Blackjack casino game is for you. Evolution has done a great job of controlling the game as is and rolling out the multipliers seamlessly. If you liked the earlier installments in the Lightning series, this slot persists in that direction. We suggest trying this release if you've read it here sounds amazing.

Lightning Blackjack Play Free

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