Slot Information Bombs Away - Fairspin

These are famous games with the largest share in the portfolio of any online casino Fairspin. They attract the attention of millions of players worldwide thanks to beautiful graphics, realistic sound effects, and a variety of themes. You can also count on a good payout with the right betting strategy and luck.

The entry threshold is shallow because the game's rules are easy to understand. Even beginners can quickly understand and win real money slot Bombs Away. It is enough to register in a reliable gambling establishment, deposit, and bet on one or more lines.


When you spin the reels and get a winning combination, it is called a hit. To find out more, players should look at the payout table, which lists all possible combinations, taking into account special symbols. Statistics of hits depending on the features of the slot:

  • the number of reels and lines;

  • the size of the bet made by the player in a particular game;

  • bonus features and special characters.

It is worth noting that the casino pays its customers the winnings amounts listed in the table. There can not be any additional bonus if the game developer does not provide it.

Special symbols like the scatter can significantly impact the hit rate. If free or endless spins are triggered, the statistics increase. The player can win a large sum of money.

But do not count on constant luck. Hits can often happen in a specific time frame or even a row. This increases the level of involvement in gambling. And it can cause subsequent failures if luck turns away from the player.


It is called a miss if none of the winning combinations on the reel are in the slot. Statistics of misses are always higher than hits. This is a natural phenomenon, typical for any gambling games.

Some best gaming machines may give combinations less frequently, but the amount of the winnings will be decent. And there may be the reverse situation when there are a lot of hits, but they pay the player too small amounts of money.

For fewer misses, developers can add unique game mechanics in free slot Bombs Away. These can be special symbols, such as Wild, which help create winning options when the user is playing the slot. This ensures extra fun, increases excitement, and allows you to multiply the initial bet.

Or bonus levels, where you can free spin a colorful wheel of luck and win valuable prizes. It may fall out rarely, even with a large number of misses. But in the end, the gamble is more profitable than frequent hits with small payouts.

That is, misses are not something terrible in casinos. And it is better not to pay attention to this figure if you plan to play for real money. It is worth spending more time choosing a legal casino with quality support and a good loyalty program.

Mobile Compatibility

Modern top casino games are created using advanced online technologies such as:

  • HTML5 and CCS3. They provide a high-quality adaptive layout and stylistic design of games.

  • Java and JavaScript. Responsible for the software implementation of slot machine Bombs Away algorithms and random results generation.

  • 128-bit encryption guarantees the safety of transactions.

All this allows you to run mobile slot real money Bombs Away on any device, and the content will adapt to the screen, consume a minimum of system resources and work correctly.

Conclusion by Fairspin

Now you know what slots are, how to play on mobile devices, and why slot online free play Bombs Away is not a negative phenomenon. Before you start playing for real money, we advise you to try slots in demo mode. This will save you cash and get you to know the terms and rules of the game you like.

It is better to study the topic, reviews, and reviews of real players than to lose all the money quickly without getting any pleasure from the process.