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More on slots game Dragon Tiger Gate - Fairspin

This is the most popular category of games in every online casino Fairspin. However, dozens of mechanical slots of different themes attracted players' attention even in the first land-based gambling establishments.

Casino customers love slot machine Dragon Tiger Gate for simplicity and a high probability of winning good money or even hitting the jackpot, if very lucky. The bottom line is simple: casino users must place bets on the line, press the button and wait until the drums stop.

If a winning combination or several at once, the player multiplies his bet, according to the payout table. It is individual for each slot in the casino. Also, special symbols can fall out, allowing access to bonus rounds or additional bet multipliers.

Bonus Symbols

Each developer of slot machines is trying to add exciting mechanics and additional prize rounds to interest users and allow them to win good money. To do this, use special bonus symbols:

  • scatter. If players see these symbols on the screen, it opens access to the prize game or accrues free spins. It all depends on the rules of the game in this slot;

  • wild. This joker, which can take the value of any other symbol to complete a winning combination in online casino slots;

  • multiplier. This is the multiplier of the winnings. The symbol has a specific value, for example, x5 or even x50. Each customer who is playing slots is looking forward to seeing this symbol on the reel;

  • bonus. If you fall three of these symbols, the bonus round starts, where the player has to guess the suit of the next card or open the chest, door, or behind, which can be a good multiplier or an additional spin. If you do not stop in time, you can lose everything;

  • jackpot. The most coveted symbol in the best free slot Dragon Tiger Gate indicates the biggest winnings.

It is worth noting that some slots have unique mechanics and symbols that can make the game even more fun and profitable for customers' casinos.

Below we will discuss free spins, how to get them, where to spend them, and their payout conditions.

Free Spins - Fairspin

This is an integral part of any gambling establishment's bonus program. They allow players to slot free games Dragon Tiger Gate to spend less real money and increase their chances of winning big rewards. Thus, it is possible to play in an online slot for real money no deposit Dragon Tiger Gate. Free spins can be awarded if certain conditions are met:

  • for participation in promotions organized by the top casino. The rules may be different. You may not even have to do anything. Just get a nice free gift;

  • free spins for depositing. If you deposit for the first time, you will be charged 5 to 100 spins. The number depends on the gambling establishment, the amount of money the player pays;

  • also, free spins can be provided directly in the game when the reels fall special characters. It is not uncommon for providers to add endless spins to the bonus slot Dragon Tiger Gate, which are triggered until any winning combination falls;

  • members of the loyalty program often receive free spins and can rotate the wheel for free without depositing cash.

Pay attention to the rules of the casino Fairspin and the specific slot. The welcome free spin without deposit often does not allow a payout until the player has made a certain number of spins for cash.


Payouts can vary significantly depending on the slot and combination of symbols in games, which are listed in a unique table. One gamble can offer a high percentage of payouts. So the game will pay players more money in the form of winnings. Or it could be the other way around.

Best Slot Providers

Each online casino offers content from the best providers. In addition to monetary bets, there is a free slot to play Dragon Tiger Gate on which you can practice and learn the rules without spending any real money.

Legal gambling establishments prefer the best providers, about which gambling industry experts have written many positive reviews. Also, please consider customers' opinions, who can share their reviews about this or that slot in the forums.