All about Boxes Dare2Win

Get a promising and thrilling game by playing Boxes Dare2Win slots from Hacksaw Gaming. In this easy simple game, you will have joy mounting up the pyramid of boxes. Be cautious not to step on the bomb as you climb the boxes and gather diamonds at the top for fierce wins that are 537 times your stake.

How to play Boxes Dare2Win

Boxes dare2Win is an uncomplicated game that has 8 additional pyramid-like levels. The first level is the most leisurely because it offers you the most opportunities; thus, the ratio between win and loss is equal.

Meanwhile, as you get nearer to the top, the numeral of choices reduces until you reach the last two cells with a 1:1 win-loss ratio. If you successfully choose a diamond among the bombs, you will be awarded with numerous multipliers to your bet, which will be 35.84 times your stake!

In this slot machine, you will be offered with a paytable at the top of the boxes. Your win multiplier will grow as you go through the game without hitting the bomb. In the game locations, you will discover the capacity to change the number of rows and the game's problem.

The more rows you set up in the best game, your possible winnings will be higher. The same goes for the test level. As you level up, you also improve the number of mines open in each row. But the more difficult the game, the greater the payouts!

The RTP for this game is 96% which offers you a huge potential to win your bet. Be courageous and take on the challenge with a minimum bet of $0.20 up to a maximum of $1,000.


Boxes Dare2win online slot by Hacksaw Gaming gets you a special arcade gaming knowledge. When you tap on the screen, you will see a pyramid-shaped stack of crates with a "Click Bet to Start" button. At the top of the fields, you will see extra multipliers that you can get as you move in each line of the game. Even the name of the game is an easy yet fun look.

The game does not have regular background music so as not to preoccupy you while betting. Rather, you will listen easy clicks every time you press the box! Even the game's environment is a plain purple, reminiscent of easy games found in slot machines.

Additional data

To begin recreating, you must first set your bet. You can bet an amount from 0.20 to 1000 dollars. Once you've selected your bet amount, you can begin playing by clicking the "Bet" button. You can select a box in the first row to find out what's behind it.

If a bomb is found in the box, you lose, and the game begins over. Nevertheless, if you land a diamond, you move on to the next row, and your payout multiplier grows. You can either select the next box or collect your winnings. This will persist until you get the end of the pyramid or land on the bomb.

Boxes Dare2Win Game Odds

Despite its clarity, Boxes Dare2Win slot machine shows its players thrilling methods to play and win. In this game, you can win up to 537 times your stake or 1,000,000 euros. Rely on your luck to show you through the game, and let the real money odds be in your favor!

Jackpot Win

There is no chance of hitting the jackpot.

Bonus Features

  • Number of rows

Win great payouts when a diamond lands in a row! Climb up the pyramid and improve your multiplier with each measure up.

To improve the level of your wins, you can change the numeral of your rows. The more rows you have in the game, the higher your potential payouts will be. Limit the number of lines below: 4,5,6,7,8.

  • Difficult level

There are three test levels in the Boxes Dare2Win casino game: Easy, Medium, and Hard. The more complex the game, the higher your potential payouts will be. Don't be scared to take on the challenge and improve the problem level of your game!

Review of Boxes Dare2Win Key Features

We always say that you will be hard-pressed to find casino gaming thrills like this wave of departures suggestions. Whether you're going with fewer boxes or higher or more comfortable than more challenging levels, one of these bombs can send your projectile up in smoke in less than a blink of an eye. This makes Boxes Dare2Win very thrilling and means that every conclusion you make can be useful or yet bad.

Boxes Dare2Win Play Free

In Fairspin online casino, you can try the boxes dare2win demo slots for free and without registration and deposit.

Hacksaw Gaming Best Game Provider

It was founded in September 2018 and is a newcomer to the Internet gambling industry. The Hacksaw Gaming provider's classic products are of high grade and meet the needs of modern players. The entire back office with Hacksaw Gaming products includes a comprehensive bonus system. In addition, the company is always ready to help you with promotions and offers by providing various promotional materials, banners, etc. All products released by this provider have been checked for honesty, which excludes the possibility of any third-party interference. The company uses advanced random number generators that guarantee complete randomness of all results.

Autonomous auditors have tried slot machines at the international level, ensuring the software's security and dependability. Licenses can be seen on the official website of the organization. Players wish fair game outcomes, as the PNS technology determines them. Hacksaw Gaming collaborates with numerous online casinos. The game are compatible with computer, Android and iPhone devices.

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