Play Garage Now at Fairspin Casino

Almost every car owner has their Garage slots. For many, this is not just a place where you can leave your car but also a great place where you can relax from the hustle and bustle. Based on this, the developers of casino Fairspin slots made this Garage slot game.

How to play Garage

The game's plot is entirely built on being in the Garage slot playing online and the need to collect essential parts for car repairs. By collecting items such as wrenches, candles, and batteries, players are fair waiting for rewards. But the most influential items in the game are boxes and locks with keys. With the help of these items, it is possible to participate in the bonus game with more valuable prizes for crypto cash.

Features of the slot machine Garage

  • One of the most notable features of this slot Garage is that not one bonus game is available to players, but two at once.

  • This feature of bitcoin gives players on the site more opportunities to hit the jackpot. And the opportunity to play for doubling allows you to increase your winnings.


  • The Garage demo slots' reel has a standard appearance of 5 reels. Nine lines pass through them. The player can bet on all these lines, select just a few, or even one.

  • The player can bet up to 25 chips per line.

  • At the same time, he can choose the denomination of the chips he plans to bet and on which live line.

Garage Casino Odds

One of the bonus game options is boxes in the Garage slot machine. To play this game, you need to collect three boxes. After that, the bonus game will open in a new window. Its essence is to select boxes from 5 available and receive prizes until the opening of the boxes by the player is interrupted by a traffic police officer. Everything the device player collects before the bonus game is stopped will be credited to the gambling games friendly table account.

Winning Jackpot

  • The second bonus normal game becomes available when the player gets three castles.

  • After that, the bonus game will start, and the player will see a Garage door closed with five locks.

  • The player will also need to find the keys to these locks from the hanging boxes.

  • When the player technology manages to find all the keys and open the door, a win multiplier of 2000 is given.

How is this level going?

The slot features a four-level progressive jackpot, each level corresponding to a card suit. The jackpot is activated automatically and limited randomly. The jackpot in the Garage slot draw takes place on a separate field of twelve hidden positions. Cards are placed face down. The first three cards with the same suit the player opens will become the basis for choosing one of the jackpot levels.

Why you should play Garage

The game for doubling is activated by clicking on the Gamble button in the Garage slot machine after any winning combination appears on the playing field. Next, the player needs to guess the suit of the face-down card in the center of the screen.

In case of a correct choice, the winnings for the last spin are doubled, and the game itself can be continued. In case of a wrong choice, the winnings for the last spin are burned out, and the user returns to spinning the reels. The risk game is completed by pressing the Collect button.

How to play free Garage

You can play in automatic mode in a free Garage slot, entrusting the launch of AI, or you can start the rotation manually each time. The game has the opportunity to try to play for free, with full functionality and without restrictions. You can try it using big legit slot machines to play for free. First, you need to log in to the Fairspin website.

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