Santa Wild Review

Santa is the main character of the cartoon who goes to the blue sky on Christmas Eve to send gifts to obedient children. To win in one of 243 ways, just follow our Microgaming product guide. Let's take a look at how promising the Santa Wild slot machine is. A few tips will be useful to every enthusiast who is in love with fairy tales.

Santa Wild Gaming Guide

With Wild, players can get the biggest gifts for their bank balance. Pictures will randomly appear on tale reels 2 and 4 lines. If you're lucky enough to find one of them, you can open the Mega box and grab the mysterious reward inside. This is regardless of whether you play a Wild Santa casino game onlinefor money, Bitcoin, or prefer extra bonuses without codes. 

Basic Concept & Pictures

If people are looking for a summer festive mood, this collection is a perfect option. You'll see mouth-watering snacks that the main character of the story needs. If you are planning to travel around the world, pay attention to the deposit requirements and minimum bets. Only in this case, your crazy adventure with Wild Santa online slotswill be profitable. With this product, users will be surprised not only by the colorful design but also by the high odds.

Best Symbols That Generate Your Wins

A variety of fairy diamonds will land on the screen — cookies, a jug of beer, pudding, mince and fruit pies, and a sandwich toys. Each of these edible symbols will multiply the wagered coins by 80 times. But you must collect a line of 5 pictures. Most compelling ones for Wild Santa slots:

  1. Elf — 150x 
  2. Motorcycle — 125x 
  3. Sweet Mrs. Claus — 175x 
  4. Gold Santa Claus — 200 x
  5. Images of the North Pole — 100x 

The golden symbol is labeled with the Santa, which will replace different icons — up to 800 times the coin wagered. You can also activate a heist multiplier for Wild Santa casino games up to 4 times the original deposit. This is a really one-armed bandit with which you can play for days on end.

Santa Wild Slot Machine Odds 

This name is associated with the most vivid memories, no matter what sites you prefer. Wild Santa free slots are certified live games that generate treasure and random outcomes and joy. Check the table to see the best winners. You will be pleasantly surprised that the RTP is 96%. All users need is good Roulette luck. 

Jackpot Win

The bonus jackpot for this story, which offers up to 1,900 K coins with any sloth round, will definitely impress any avid gamer who is looking for big payouts. If you want to hang out with Santa, you can land one of the fabulous plays. When people see such a diamond on the reel, they are lucky and have become richer. For those who prefer promotions and demo slots, Wild Santa would be the best choice.


The main character is giving away free spins if you find the keys. Every time players see at least 3 secrets on a simulator, they start a round of 25 free games. What's more, you'll get 3 extra features to choose from the table:

Trailing  Each time a Wild splash appears on the reels, it expands with each spin
Expanding  This feature will cause the symbol to multiply and cover the super reels 
Stacked  Collects Wild surprise on all 5 reels, which increases the chance of winning

Review of Santa Wild Key Features

For players who launch different free casino games, Wild Santa winnings are stunning. Your coins may grow by 30000%. The best toy is the icon from Blitzin, which will increase the bet by 50x. This rising picture doesn't need to align with other in-game symbols. 

Santa Wild Free Demo Game Conditions

For those who play online, Wild Santa is an exciting prospect. This is especially true for people who love bold, big, and VIP machines. Some users will steer clear of anything festive, but this storm version is a far cry from the Christmas-inspired versions we've seen in the online world. This is due to the nature of the new version for women or men and the ability to play every day. If players go for a ride on a sleigh, they will get great gifts like gold graphics, FS, and a multiplier secret.

Microgaming — Best Game Provider

For those who visit the Fairspin casino game Wild Santa, provider is well known. This is an internationally recognized company that never disappoints experienced users. Become the next winner who will achieve victory.