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Online baccarat live casino: how to play with real croupiers

The popularity of baccarat live casino is constantly growing. That's why this game is being developed by world famous software developers. The total number on the page is 29 (as of April 2022). The types differ from each other in terms of table limits. Before launching, it is recommended to read the information on the rules page.

How to play live casino baccarat

The live casino baccarat is a game of chance, where users have to check the verified decisions. Unlike poker, no special skills are required here. The winning most often depends on chance. Strategies are only for bankroll management. None of them are 100% guaranteed to win.

Customers play against the establishment, which is represented by a real croupier (banker). He controls the gameplay instead of a random number generator. He is shown on the screen of online casino live baccarat real money thanks to the implementation of cameras, which are located in the studio in several places. Users can see how he moves around the room.

Dealers in live baccarat casino

Live croupiers are specially trained employees of the hall. They communicate in English, encouraging users to place bets. A man or a girl is shown at the window of the game. At the moment of communication the croupier is in a special studio with professional sound and lighting equipment.

To ensure a quality picture the employee is filmed from different angles. The appearance of a real dealer brought the game to life. Now customers can communicate with other players or with the staff of the hall.

The rules of live casino baccarat and types of bets

In live dealer baccarat online casino a deck of 52 cards is used. First, customers should decide on the size of the bet. In the classic variant chips are placed on one of three outcomes:

  • Tie;
  • Banker;
  • Player.

Additional types of bets include special, side. The main outcome is selected first. There are four options.

  1. A small hand, which is rated at 4 points.
  2. Large hand. In this case, 5-6 points are scored.
  3. A perfect pair. These are two cards of the same suit and value.
  4. A client or banker pair. In a deal, there are cards with the same value.

First, the bets are placed in the online baccarat live casino. Chips are moved to the right fields with a computer mouse. Then, each participant receives two cards. The points scored by the user and the croupier are counted separately. If the sum of points is greater than 10, 10 is subtracted from it. In order to win, you must score close to nine points.

You don't get any money for the ten and any pictures. One point is given for an ace. Numbers from two to nine are paid at face value. The nominal combination includes an eight and a nine. The hand is completed when it's hit. Then there is a comparison of hands. If a player has up to five points, he may receive an additional card. The banker gets a blind when he didn't have one before (from 6 points). Other situations are:

  • in the case of a set of up to two points;
  • at the absence of 4 to 9;
  • at any number of points (from 7).

How to determine the winner of live baccarat casino

The outcome of live baccarat online casino is determined after the blind. The winner is the one who gets the maximum number of points. If the number is the same, a draw is declared. The bet is paid only if the bet is won. Otherwise, the chips go to the hall fund. Payouts are made taking into account the main outcomes:

  • tie - x9;
  • banker - x1;
  • user - x1.

For side bets, other multipliers apply. For a small hand - 1.5, large - 0.54. Pair of one of the participants - x11, the ideal - x25.

Developers for live baccarat casino and types of games

The most famous company is Evolution Gaming. It uses modern technology to improve the quality of the product. There are licenses from Malta, Alderney and the UK. The developer received a document Preliminary Wager of Approval, due to which it can operate in the state of New Jersey. Released games can be run in a computer or mobile version.

The other two developers are Netent and Microgaming. They have received licenses, and use modern technology in the release of software. Preliminary downloading is not required.

Visitors most often choose the classic Baccarat, the launch of which preserves the authentic atmosphere. In this case, standard rules are used. They are the same as in the land hall. One of the advantages is the possibility to look at the statistics. If desired, customers can see the previous moves of the participants. It is possible to make doubles and other special bets.

For example, on ideal pairs. VIP Baccarat uses the same rules. The only difference is the increased limits, so this option is suitable for high rollers. There are accelerated versions, which are distinguished by the increased speed. Up to eight users can play at the same time. The number of participants depends on the table (large or small).

Financial strategies in live baccarat casino

There are no win-win schemes. By default, the hall has an advantage over customers. All financial schemes are designed only to regulate the bankroll. In the case of good luck, users always gain money. Professionals do not recommend betting on a draw because of the minimal chance of such an outcome. The probability of winning when placing a bet on the bankroll is 45.8%. On the player - 44.6%.

To increase their chances of winning, users need to reduce the benefits of the establishment. You can double the bet after losing. Then in the case of luck the client gets back the previous losses. Such tactics resemble the Martingale strategy. Before applying it, it is necessary to check the maximum limits.

It is possible to double the amount after winning. During a new deal, the chips received are placed. If the client loses, he returns to the original limit. Professionals earn well if they win three or four times in a row. In this case, the minimum amount is invested. The third tactic is to choose the same type of betting each time with the bet retained.

When choosing a strategy of raises, you need to write down the upcoming steps or fill them out. Testing any technique is done in the demo version, which can be found in the "Card games" tab. Only the paid version is run in real time.

Beginners can use a fixed bet on the dealer. This recommendation helps to stretch the pot for a long time. But the probability of winning is not even 50%.

Advantages of live baccarat casino

There are a number of disadvantages. In particular, you need an Internet speed of 256 Kbps. It is impossible to communicate fully with your tablemates. Among the advantages there are the following:

  • high-quality graphics of all elements;
  • communication with a pleasant employee of the hall;
  • the atmosphere of the real room is created;
  • the obviousness of broadcast events.

The results are determined randomly. The manner of play is not taken into account. Random number generator is not used. The table is clearly visible. During the distribution you hear the rustling of the cards.

Conclusion about live baccarat casino

Live baccarat casino is suitable for professionals who know the rules of the game well. With a high level of skill you can minimize the benefits of the casino. Customers need to control the situation by applying financial strategies. There are no demo versions, so it is necessary to register and replenish the account. In addition to dollars, you can use cryptocurrencies. One of the advantages is live streaming.