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Live blackjack casino: how to run a game with live dealers

Players will appreciate the blackjack live casino. Unlike slots with reels and lines, the game assumes the presence of a croupier. The voice of the latter is heard after loading. The screen shows the table for betting. Chips are placed in the selected boxes with a computer mouse. In addition to the croupier, users can communicate with other players.

Features of the game in casino live blackjack

The casino live blackjack presented looks like the same game in a land-based institution. The croupier, who is in the studio, is shown on the screen thanks to the implementation of many cameras. Users can see how he moves around the room. The rustling of cards during the deal is heard.

The first step is to register in a live dealer blackjack casino because of the lack of free mode. A questionnaire is filled out with personal information ( email, password, cell phone number). The only thing left to do is to fund the account via bank cards, cryptocurrencies or e-wallets.

Then you choose online casino live blackjack (taking into account the limit of the table). After loading the screen shows the croupier and the table for betting. A live broadcast from the studio begins. The game takes place in real time. Users can sit comfortably in the chair at home. Croupier controls the gameplay.

Advantages of live blackjack casino

The pros of blackjack online casino live dealer include reliability of the gameplay. The shuffle of cards is carried out in the same way as in a land-based casino. Multiplayer mode stands out among the advantages. For example, several people can be at a virtual table. Conditions are created for them to turn around with each other.

The battle with real croupiers is something between a slot machine and a visit to a VIP lounge. Audience is growing rapidly. Among the advantages there are the following:

  • high-quality graphic elements;
  • communication with a young man or a pretty girl;
  • all the actions of an representative of the casino are visible;
  • the atmosphere of the land hall is created.

Random number generator is not used. The results are determined live. Croupier shuffles the cards, but the counting system can not be used. There are some drawbacks, but it is difficult to call them essential. One of them is the need for high-speed Internet (when playing from a desktop computer).

How to play live blackjack casino

As in the normal game, during the live blackjack casino cards are dealt. Users can watch the deal and listen to the appropriate sounds. If necessary, it is allowed to take additional cards. It is important not to collect more than 21 points. Otherwise, the victory automatically goes to the hall.

In the best live blackjack casino game resembles a slot machine with the appropriate name. Most often the developer is a company called Evolution. There are familiar keys on the screen. With their help cards are drawn, you can discard or open, double the amount at stake. Tokens for betting moved into the selected boxes with the computer mouse.

An additional feature of live blackjack online casino is the communication with a real casino representative. It takes place through the chat room. Customers write messages. The croupier responds to the camera, using a special monitor. It shows the information about the guests sitting at the table and their bets.

All users can play the best online casino live blackjack. It is necessary to correctly calculate the budget. As a rule, the bet starts with 1 USD. Do not sit at the table, if the account has up to 25 dollars (or the equivalent in another currency). There are VIP tables for fans of big bets.

The rules of live blackjack casino

The set of 21 points by the player is equated to blackjack. In this case, the bet is multiplied by a coefficient of x1.5. Counting is important. All the denominations from two to ten have the corresponding number value. You get 10 points for images with pictures. When an ace is rolled, 1 or 10 points are given. Before the winner is announced, a combination of numbers is calculated.

First, two cards are dealt. Then the user decides if he wants an extra hand. It is necessary to eliminate overshoot. Tips of experienced players are suitable for beginners.

  1. Share cards on a roll of two identical.
  2. Stop the game when you get the right number of points.
  3. If you run out of points, get a new card.
  4. Quit the game if the outcome is unfavorable.

After these actions, you can see both cards of the dealer. After the opening there is a comparison. If the dealer has less than 16 points, he has an extra hand. If 17 or more - a casino employee must stop.

The standard situation for determining the winner is a combination of an ace with a higher-card suit. There are other combinations allowing you to get the right number of points.

  1. The dealer's blackjack, when the money goes to the casino fund.
  2. "Three sevens" to get the prize number.
  3. "Push," when multiple opponents score the same number of points.

Players use planning when determining the casino's advantage. Users who are careful are more likely to win. Sometimes it is better to stop at 19 points than to take an extra card. Before the battle with the real croupiers, it is recommended to practice on the demo versions. They can be found in the "Card games" section.

How does communication with the croupier take place in a live blackjack casino?

During communication, the croupier is in a improvised room. It has special sound and lighting equipment. You can chat with an employee or communicate live. Dealers see what people write to them, but they don't reply in writing. It's easier for them to respond verbally. Users can remain anonymous so they can't be heard by their tablemates.

What games are there in live casino blackjack

When choosing live casino blackjack the game variety is taken into account. The differences between them can be small or substantial. They concern:

  • the number of decks used;
  • odds of payouts;
  • table limit.

Innovative games are released by Evolution Gaming. Infinity Blackjack can be taken as an example. The main feature is that the number of seats at the table is not limited. Another variety is Live Beyond Live, where the work was conducted in cooperation with the company Netent. The equipment is complemented by elements of virtual reality. From the 3D studio you can see:

  • people on the street;
  • helicopters flying by;
  • the view from the window.

Artificial graphics are combined with real equipment, tables, and live croupiers. In Perfect Blackjack by Netent brand the cards are dealt according to the basic strategy. Players do not need to analyze the appropriate solutions (such decisions are made for them). Because of this, the advantage of the hall is reduced to a minimum. The theoretical return is 99.5%.

The Blackjack Lobby, presented at the end of 2018 by Evolution Gaming, suits fans of the classic version. In addition to the computer version, there is a mobile version. Thanks to the introduction of html 5 and js technologies, the game loads on phones in seconds. Users can run it from different locations. Minimal traffic consumption is provided.

Conclusion about live blackjack casino online

Users like live blackjack casino online because of the opportunity to influence the result with their own skill. When you run it, the atmosphere that reigns in the real hall is preserved. Players can not only hear the voice of a specialist of the club. You can watch the man or woman moving around the room. When choosing a table, you should pay attention to the betting limits.