Live casino roulette: why the gambling game is so popular

The live casino online roulette is now one of the world's most famous games in battles with real dealers. You can use the same financial strategies as in the virtual version. The atmosphere of the ground club is preserved. The crackle of the spinning roulette wheel (mechanical) is heard. Next to it you can see the croupier, who moves around the room.

How to run live roulette online casino

In live roulette online casino the studio is arranged in a similar way as in the land-based room. To broadcast the video live, many cameras are used. Instead of a computer program, the gameplay is managed by a croupier. After loading, he says a greeting phrase in English. Customers place chips for betting with the computer mouse. The remaining actions are performed by pressing the keys on the control panel.

Varieties of live casino roulette

The models with one zero where the advantage of the room is reduced to a minimum prevail in the collection of online casino live roulette. For example, Roulette with a pretty girl. It consists of a table with a field for placing chips and a spinning wheel. You can find numbers from 0 to 36; there is no track for verbal betting. To win, the user must guess where the ball will stop.

The game loads on a computer, laptop, or cell phone. After placing bets and the start, the ball begins to move on the roulette wheel. After the fall of a particular number the dealer marks the sector. Loser chips go to the hall fund. The American version with double zero for April 2022 is not presented.

You will find other types of online live roulette casino game, which differ from each other in specific rules. The French version has the principle of "prison". It runs on a roll of the green sector. Chips remain "in prison". They can be wagered during the next spin. When selecting you should take into account the limits of the tables.

Types of bets in live casino roulette

The main field in the live casino roulette looks like a horizontal table 3x12. It has numbers from 1 to 36, colored in black and red. When placing the chips inside the bets are called internal. There are five varieties where the amount of numbers is indicated to the right of the name:

  • Straight - 1;
  • Split - 2;
  • Street - 3;
  • Corner - 4;
  • Sixline - 6.

The more cells are covered, the lower is the multiplier in case of luck. If a bet on one number is successful, it will be paid with a multiplier of x35. The zero sector is located on the left (closer to the roulette wheel). You can bet on it, using the second or fourth option of the inside bet. In this case, the chips are placed on several numbers at once.

If you play roulette live casino, you can use the outside placement of chips. In this case, the risk is minimized, but in case of luck, customers receive smaller payouts. There are four options:

  • column/dozen;
  • even/odd;
  • red/black;
  • small/large numbers.

The second, third, and fourth types are for equal odds. Because of the zero sector, they occupy less than half of the playing field. When combining several types of bets, you must take into account the maximum limits of the table. Sometimes verbal bets are made, which are placed on an additional track. Chips are put in the same way as in the table (using the computer mouse).

Attention to the technical nuances of live casino roulette

The picture on the screen depends on the speed of the Internet. In the mobile version it is possible to display only the croupier on the screen, in the computer version - the entire studio. In the first case it is recommended to download a special application to your phone. During the setup, you select the windows that will be shown on the display. These include:

  • technical support;
  • chat with other gamers;
  • window and the betting timer;
  • broadcast video.

After downloading the game, it is recommended to read the rules page. The high size of the bet is due to the need to recoup the work of several people.

Strategies in live casino roulette

The strategies are available to systematize the game and minimize the risk. Some effective schemes are about controlling finances. You can find four of them.

  1. Stop Win. First, the maximum amount of winnings is determined. There are two options. The first is in cash equivalent. The second is a percentage of the bank amount. When the deposit increases by 30%, it is better to stop the game and send a request for withdrawal.
  2. Average bet. Small nominal amounts are suitable for saving the bank. The deposit is usually divided into two unequal parts. 25% is used for an aggressive game. Another 75% is put on equal odds. Moderate risk is kept.
  3. Stop Loss. In order to limit losses the exact limit of losses is set. In each session it is recommended to use no more than 10% of the deposit amount.
  4. Limitation of the bank. The deposit should be enough for 1,000 bets.

Strategies are based on mathematical calculations and probability theory. Some professionals try to identify the individual handwriting of the croupier, but this should not be done. It is also not necessary to look for the defects of the roulette wheel. You should understand that there are no 100% winning strategies.

How to register at the best live roulette online casino

There are no demo versions. To run the best live roulette online casino you have to create an account. The easiest way is through the social network Google. You should log in to the messenger and click on the appropriate icon. The standard option is to fill out a questionnaire. In it you need to enter:

  • email address;
  • password;
  • cell phone number.

The only thing left is to confirm age and agree to the rules of roulette live casino. Newcomers can immediately select and activate the welcome bonus. Then it is necessary to decide on a way of depositing. Most customers transfer money from bank cards Visa/Mastercard. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is also suitable.

Pros and cons of the best live roulette casino

The casino live roulette presented has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. The game is not suitable for those who want to pass the time. It can be run by customers who want to win. There are seven advantages.

  1. The broadcast is in HD format with high quality. Classic or full-screen mode is available.
  2. Getting access to the game of chance, you can sit on a chair or a sofa.
  3. A croupier monitors the gameplay. Random number generator is not used.
  4. There are several varieties (7 in total). Customers can choose a new type of game every day.
  5. Maximum honesty is provided. It is possible to follow the actions and movements of the hall employee and the spinning of the roulette wheel.
  6. Any amounts are used for betting. This direction is suitable for high rollers.
  7. There is a chat room for communication. It is used by both the employee and visitors to the hall.

One of the disadvantages is the dependence on the speed of the Internet. If the session is interrupted, the result is not saved. To reduce this disadvantage when testing casino online live roulette it is recommended to switch to the mobile version. The broadcast will remain correct even at low speed of the Internet. Loading is done in seconds. Customers get the opportunity to play, being in any place.

Conclusions on casino live roulette

Best live roulette casino are suitable for players with sufficient skill level. It is necessary to know the types of bets, to be able to distribute money for the whole session, to use known financial strategies. Thanks to their knowledge, professionals minimize the advantages of the hall. A realistic atmosphere is created, which can be compared to visiting a land club.