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Reel Time Gaming Review 2023

Slot machines are the easiest and most profitable way to try your luck and pick up your prize. Every day the number of slot machines is growing, and players are interested in choosing and playing them. This article selected the most exciting and up-to-date information so players can learn more about their favorite ways of making money. We have collected the most popular information about slot machines and told you about the best RTG slots you can play.

History of Reel Time Gaming

The company RTG began its history back in 2009. In 2013, the company released its first online slots. Two years later, Reel Time Gaming received a license from the UK Gambling Commission. In 2018, the U.K. Gambling Commission emboldened Reel Time Gaming's software. In 2020, RTG began a joint partnership with Blueprint. The company's history does not end. They continue to delight gamblers' new creations.

Types of games

Types of games are different, and everyone chooses what he likes and to his liking. They fall into four categories:

  • classic slots;

  • video slots;

  • progressive spins;

  • mega spins.

Classic spins. This is a legend of slot machines. Those who miss the old machines, where you had to pull the lever, can play this type. Video slots are a modern game with no longer three reels and five and up to several hundred pay lines. Mega spins, this is when you can play 3 to 9 games at a time. Progressive spins are a network of slot machines that combine the jackpot.


Reel Time Gaming is a modern company with many pluses, but there is one small minus. Based on the creation of video slots, the company does not have such games as table games in its library.


What are the advantages of slot machines from the company RTG. We can name a lot of advantages, but we decided to pick the best among them:

  • big winnings;

  • exciting games;

  • modern technology;

  • high-quality graphics and musical accompaniment;

  • total return on investment.

Also, don't forget that you can play the slots on any device you want. Reel Time Gaming has removed restrictions and released mobile versions so casino users can play their slots.

Varieties of slot machines

There are several slot machines, the classic form and video slots. The classic slot machines have three reels and one pay line. The second kind of slot machine has five reels and up to a hundred pay lines.

Best RTG Slots

Experienced players who have long tasted victory and wealth and have long been in the casino industry know what video slots and slot machines exist and what you can play. But some newcomers are starting to get interested in casinos and don't know which slot is best. We have selected the best free RTG slots, which are very popular, and discussed them.

Spirit on the Inca

Spirit on the Inca slot, a new progressive free slot. You can find a progressive jackpot. This kind of jackpot keeps growing every time a player bets.

Aztecs Treasure Feature Guarantee

Interesting modern slot, which has many positive reviews. Already many players know and have already tried to play this slot. Aztecs Treasure Feature Guarantee has bonus games that give players try to play and taste victory. In addition to the bonus games, the slot provides free money, spins, and promo codes.

Orc Vs Elf

Orc Vs. Elf has become famous because of the large amounts of winnings and excellent attendance among other slot machines. The style of the game, which tells about the contest of elves against orcs, captivates fans of the subject. Here you can play for money as well as for free. The slot gives its players free spins in varying amounts. This is a tremendous gift for users of the casino.

Enchanted Garden

Enchanted Garden is a quality representative of video slots. The name itself tells us how magical and mysterious this slot is. The Enchanted Garden is popular with experienced players. Choosing this game, you can not take your eyes off these images, graphics, music, and, most importantly, the bonuses that the slot gives. The main bonus is free attempts to play the slot.

Count Specracular

Slot Count Spectacular is a new RTG slots with high odds because the chance of winning is very high. Players often visit this slot because the game conditions are simple, and the winnings are mega big. You can play, even from a mobile device, as the slot is available in the mobile version.

A set of various RTG games

RTG games are developments of the Asian division, a well-known developer of RTG. This company is developing the highest quality, modern, exciting games for online casinos. Games that create RTG are mainly slots, but also present among them are Keno, Blackjack, video poker, and others. The most popular games of Reel Time Gaming are Ox Bonanza, Cai Bling, and Rave Riches. They have already become popular among online casino games.


Jackpot is the most significant winnings players can get by joining the amount not won in the previous game. There are quite a few types of jackpots. In this list, we have indicated what types there are jackpots:

  • detached jackpot;

  • own jackpot;

  • network jackpot;

  • fixed jackpot.

Detached applies to only one slot. Own jackpot is another type of progressive jackpot combined with one online casino. The network jackpot prize pool is accumulated at the expense of several online casinos. With a fixed jackpot, the amount does not change. It is fixed.

Developer casino license

All top and modern developers who release games for casinos must have a license. It gives a lot of opportunities for providers. RTG is a licensed company, which gives it a lot of prospects, for example:

  • fast promotion;

  • the ability to cooperate with other companies;

  • great popularity;

A license is a leading indicator that the developments meet the standards. Also, it means that Reel Time Gaming is a responsible, honest, and high-quality company.

Security and reliability

The key to an interesting and exciting game is safety. When players know that when they play slots, they are under reliable protection, and they are confident that victory will be theirs. Protection of personal data in online casinos is protected by SSL encryption. Also, users can take advantage of quality and reliable customer support when playing.

Mobile version of games

To all lovers of the game of free RTG slots online, through your phone, a mobile version is available in which it is even easier to enjoy the gameplay. This is possible thanks to HTML 5 technology, which allows games to run on any screen resolution. Users can try their luck from any convenient device with a network connection, whether a tablet, phone, or computer.


To withdraw their honestly earned money, players should familiarize themselves with the conditions for withdrawing funds and through which payment systems. Here are some best systems through which the player can freely and easily withdraw money:

  • Visa or MasterCard;

  • Webmoney electronic wallets;

  • Cryptocurrency wallets;

  • Google Pay and Apple Pay payment systems.

Before making payments, study the instructions carefully. And only after you have studied everything can you try to withdraw funds.


RTG's gaming arsenal may not be as large, but it owns a lot of fantastic gaming products. All slots have their theme. Most of the company's games are made in HTML5, which promises flawless operation. Video slots from the company RTG are very convenient because there is a function of the language that allows you to play many users from different countries realtime. The company also developed a version of the demo game that can not but rejoice.

API integration

API Integration is a collection of IT methods by which game content is added to a particular online casino environment. With API Integration, any user can add any number of slots to their own, even without owning an online casino.

Review results

Familiarizing yourself with this review, you can find a lot of exciting information on the best company engaged in developing video slots. The topic is the most popular among gamblers interested in game developers. In this review, we had told when the company was created, whether the company has a license, and what video slots Reel Time Gaming produces. And most importantly, the games from the company RTG are the best, safe, honest, and most reliable.


Many users of popular online casinos already know all the information you need to know when you become a player. But there are inexperienced, new players who only wish and want to try themselves as a gambler. We have selected questions that new casino users often ask and have given answers to help them.

Where to play RTG slots?

Play RTG slots from a company called Reel Time Games. You can click on any online casino site. This may be:

  • Slots City;

  • Andromeda Casino;

  • Grand Fortune Casino;

  • Las Vegas, USA.

This is not the entire list of online casinos where you can play RTG slots online. Now in every popular casino, you can find available Video slots with different themes. In addition, many online casinos in games from RTG give players a lot of different bonuses, such as free spins.

Who can play casino games from RealTime Gaming?

Everyone who wants to try to play the RTG slots free, and try their luck, can play games from Reel Time Gaming. This can be both experienced players and beginners. The most important thing is to have the desire to win and start playing. You only need to click spin.

What advantages does the Reel Time Gaming have?

Reel Time Gaming has many advantages. This is one of the best companies to develop slots for online casinos. All games are made with high quality and new technology. Games launch quickly and do not make the player wait a long time to start. Also, all the slot machines are full of bonuses and promotions.

When and where was the casino provider Reel Time Gaming founded?

RTG was founded in 2009 and has released more than 100 gaming products. Providers of this company produce high quality and safe games for casino. A developer has a license.